Thursday, May 12, 2022

Caring Causes: Bonnie Jennifer

Founded in 2010, Brooklyn designer, Bonnie Jennifer, specializes in purpose-driven jewelry design. Versatile and classic, her pieces are envisioned as staples for an everyday wardrobe. Gold-filled balls are the brand’s signature, for timeless and playful looks.  As a former social worker, and motivated by her love and support for her developmentally disabled sister, Bonnie Jennifer weaves her creative ventures to support philanthropy, partnering with non-profits to donate a percentage of sales back, promoting positive impact through consumer purchases. 

Bonnie Jennifer is launching a capsule collection for graduates and their families, to celebrate the successful first step towards building a career.

 “Graduation is coming up, which is a significant milestone in one’s life. Looking to find that perfect gift to honor friends and family members can be overwhelming. Jewelry makes a valuable and personal memento that a graduate can treasure for a lifetime.,” says NY-based designer, Bonnie Jennifer. “Life after college can feel intimidating to a new grad. A meaningful piece of jewelry can remind them of their strength, determination, and dreams. Purchase something with deep rooted meaning.”

Pieces in the collection include thElephant Drop Beaded Bracelet  - a symbol of good luck, the elephant is a wish-fulfilling jewel for those who want to evoke good fortune in life. The Crystal Butterfly Beaded Bracelet - ike the butterfly, this symbolizes transformation and embracing change—perfect for those blazing their own trail. The Turquoise Evil Eye Gold-Filled Beaded Bracelet offers protection when entering a new phase of life, and for those wishing to gift a token of love, our heart jewels remind one of the love of friends and family.

To go with anything, the Thin Pave Bar Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet and the Diamond Pave Bar Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet work perfectly with all stacks. The 14K Gold Script Nameplate Necklace is elegant and empowering, creating awareness of self during the journey, as do the Diamond Initial Gold Filled Beaded Necklace and the White Crystal Initial Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet.

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