Saturday, May 14, 2022

World Wisdom: Splendor Water


Splendor Water was launched by two Greensboro families, Sara Couch and her father, local NC business person/philanthropist David Couch, as well as Collins Pugh and her father, Breck Speed, former CEO of Mountain Valley Spring Company. 

Splendor Water is a unique brand of mineral water that is sourced at the foothills of the Andes in La Maná, Ecuador. It is currently only sold (retail) at the Couch family's Summerfield Farms in Greensboro and nationally online.

Splendor Water is the only water with naturally present colloidal gold and silver. It is perfectly balanced with natural electrolytes to optimize hydration, naturally pure with nothing added, removed, or altered. SPLENDOR water ranks among the top 10 waters in the world for lowest Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), considered the gold standard measurement of a water's purity. High TDS waters often have a strong “taste,” while low TDS ensures a smoother finish, making SPLENDOR the perfect water to pair with any food. More about wellness and benefits here.


Splendor Water is also Smart Planet certified and is the first company in Latin America to ensure that their bottles are sourced from 100% recycled plastic (rPET), and are committed to reusing their own materials. They are also committed to giving back 1% of their gross sales to organizations that are bettering our environment and supporting the people of Ecuador. Additional information on their pledge to sustainability can be found here

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