Saturday, June 25, 2022

Amazing Art: Bonnie Lautenberg - Art Meets Hollywood (Boca Raton FL)

 Bonnie Lautenberg: Art Meets Hollywood really captures the creative zeitgeist between legendary filmmakers and iconic artistsOn view for the next two months, until August 21 at Boca Raton Museum of Art.

The new exhibition “Art Meets Hollywood” is the museum premiere of Bonnie Lautenberg’s new series of digital collages, 28 diptychs pairing scenes from famous films alongside iconic works of art. Lautenberg’s only rule for her experimental process is that both the film and the artwork originated within the same year. 

On view now at Boca Raton Museum of ArtLautenberg channels the creative zeitgeist between filmmakers and artists during each year that she intuitively chronicles, starting in 1928 up until 2020.  

Watch the video here featuring Lautenberg in conversation with Irvin Lippman, the Executive Director of the Museum.

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