Saturday, June 25, 2022

Consumer Critique: Gnubees and Gnubees+ Beverages

 It's gotten really warm in Minnesota, so it was the perfect time to try out Gnubees and Gnubees+ beverages from GnuSanté.

What's the difference between the two? One is a fairly healthy beverage with unique flavors, the other is a little bigger and lactose free (but still healthy). Made with either milk and juice or coconut cream and juice, the beverages are both creamy and refreshing. My kids liked all of the flavors except the more tropical ones (mango wasn't a hit), and my favorite was banana (I love finding banana beverages because when I've been in Germany it's been easy to find banana juice but that's not something that's common here; I never realize how much I miss it until I try it).

The package is designed to have less environmental impact than a traditional plastic bottle, which is a plus if you're in an area that doesn't recycle plastic and you want to reduce your footprint. They source non-GMO ingredients to make a high quality beverage that tastes delicious.

You can shop online, or you can find GnuSanté in select Canadian markets (some not far from the border).

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