Thursday, July 7, 2022

Consumer Critique: The Good Charcoal Company

 In the warmer months, we love to barbecue. It keeps the house cooler when it's really hot, and it adds some variety to our meals. It's nice to have an option that is better for the environment when it comes to the charcoal we use. We had a chance to try out  The Good Charcoal Company, which aims to change up how people barbecue.

Good Charcoal is pure acacia wood charcoal with no added chemicals. It's designed to burn hotter and longer, which means you need less of it per session. The charcoal is sourced from Namibia, where acacia wood is actually detrimental to the environment, so it is able to be approved by the Forest Stewardship Council as its removal actually improves its environmental surroundings.

It does work well too. Any time we've tried a new charcoal there's a little bit of an adjustment when it comes to how hot/long it burns, but this was pretty easy to use and cooked up our burgers and brats well! The company tries to do good for communities, too, hosting barbecues that are free and welcoming those who are facing food insecurity.

You can find Good Charcoal at Home Depot and several other retailers. With a suggested price of just under $20 a bag, it's a nice way to make a little better choice when it comes to your warm weather outdoor entertaining.

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