Friday, July 8, 2022

Parenting Pointers: Remote Work Made me a Better Mother

By Shiela Empleo

Remote work used to be the stuff of myths and legends. Even right up to the pandemic hitting in early 2020, finding a legitimate, fulfilling, and lucrative remote position was like discovering a unicorn in your backyard. Indeed, the pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives, and one of the major shifts that have happened in the last few years is in how we work.

It could be easily argued that no one group had more put upon them during the pandemic than working mothers. However, being a working mother was difficult even before the world was turned upside down by COVID-19. Many mothers have had to make tough decisions between working and supporting their families, or being home with their children during their formative years. 

In most cases, remote work capabilities allow mothers to make money and still be present with their children. The ability to work remotely, especially with flexible hours, can be completely game-changing for many families like mine.

Before working remotely for Cyberbacker, I worked at call centers here in the Philippines. The available jobs were located hours from my home, so I was only able to see my children on the weekends. As a result, I missed birthdays, holidays, and many special moments with my children. Being allowed to work from home in a position lucrative enough to support my family has absolutely made me a better and more present mother. Now, I am more focused on my job and running the day-to-day operations of the company because I have peace of mind knowing my children are just a few steps away. 

Some organizations fear that allowing people, especially mothers, to work from home will negatively impact productivity and output. However, research shows that remote workers are actually more productive, can get more work done in less time, and show higher work satisfaction. 

Through my current remote position with Cyberbacker, I’ve been able to meet other mothers who work remotely like myself. They have taken on the task successfully and I knew that if they could do it, I could as well. Having the ability to work in the comfort of my own home while assuring that my children are well cared for is a wonderful opportunity for both workers and their employers.

For mothers to succeed — not only in the working world, but within their homes as mothers — they need a strong support system, and this support system must also include their employer. Although there have been recent calls to end remote work for some businesses and make a return to the office, many mothers are resisting this pivot. 

Remote work has given me back to my children. Not only can I be present with them physically, but they can bear witness as I work on fulfilling my career goals and dreams in real-time. This is precious time that we will never get back. Living it to the fullest with my children while being able to financially support them and save for their futures has been a life-changing shift. 

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