Friday, August 12, 2022

Book Nook: Books for Young Adults from Simon & Schuster

 I recently had a chance to review several books that are great for any young adult, especially those who are in the middle of a transition, whether it's off to college or a new job.

Buddha U - this book is all about mindfulness lessons in the midst of a lot of events that often happen to college kids - first dates, exams, early morning classes, and more. By capitalizing on the idea of being mindful, it encourages college students to be more present and as a result have a more fulfilling experience. The bite-size lessons are easy to read in just a few minutes at a time - perfect for a time-strapped college kid.

The College Bucket List - this is another one more specifically targeted to college students, and can act as sort of a check-off list for common parts of the college experience. There were some things on the list that I never did in college - and never had a desire to do - but over all it's a great way for college students to get ideas of experiences to look out for.

Own Your Greatness - this is great for any young adult - or any adult, period. I love that it directly addresses imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Those are all too easy to struggle with in a world where people often put only the best on social media, and this book helps readers work through their struggles and form a healthy level of self-confidence.

Self-Love Workbook - this is another great book for anyone who struggles with self-esteem or wants to improve their own self-image. It's got a lot of great food for thought and prompts along the way to help improve self-esteem, even if readers are coming from a place of low self-worth. There were some ideas and perspectives I hadn't heard before, and overall it's a great, uplifting book.

I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook - don't let the title fool you. This is a great book for anyone who likes Trader Joe's and is eager to try new things in the kitchen but doesn't quite know how. Using some easy-to-find projects from Trader Joe's in unique combinations, even people with very limited cooking skills will be able to whip up great, tasty meals and snacks in no time!

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