Thursday, December 1, 2022

Money Makers: Recruiting

 New mothers are the OG Great Resignators. For years they left the workplace in droves to stay at home with their children, losing years of experience and thousands of dollars worth of paychecks and benefits. 

While mothers are no longer the de facto person to stay at home, those who do can feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting back into the 9-5 grind - especially if their only option is to go back to their old career which they may no longer be qualified for and will likely pay the same or less than when they left.


For people unsure of how to get back into the workforce, recruiting can be the perfect job:


  1. With online training courses, people with zero experience can become a fully trained tech recruiter in just weeks
  2. Flexibility is guaranteed
  3. Recruiting has been named one of the top 5 most satisfying jobs for the three youngest generations according to a new survey from Glassdoor
  4. Commission incentives on top of salaries can make recruiting a more lucrative option 


I had a chance to interview Thriversity’s CEO, Brianna Rooney to learn more.

Why can it be a challenge for parents to re-enter the workforce? 

Parents re-entering the workforce can be a challenge in so many ways. The severity will depend on how long they were gone for and what industry they are going back to. Technology has been moving so quickly that the first challenge would be how much do they need to learn and catch up on. 


The new schedule will be an adjustment, same with the challenge of being away from your child. There will naturally be a mental adjustment and fear you won’t be as good at your job again. 


What are some key things that parents are looking for in jobs? 

Parents need flexibility and empathy in their next position. I think it helps to join a team that has at least a few other parents. Benefits are extra important when you have a family. You will need to understand how much out of pocket you will have immediately and what benefits you can have when you’re employed longer. 


It’s important for parents to work for companies that value you getting your work done and not just how long you’ve been sitting in front of your computer. 


What exactly does a recruiter do?

A recruiter does an array of things. It all depends on the company they work for. If you are a full-cycle recruiter you could write job descriptions, advertise the company and the open roles, source and message the right candidates, talk to interested candidates to learn more about them and their search to identify if they could be a good fit for your company. Recruiters will take the candidates through the interview process with a very close relationship, and hopefully then offer the candidate the position. The recruiter will negotiate the offer, go into benefits, and depending on the position talk about equity. Throughout the process, recruiters will work with hiring managers to help drive the process forward in a way that works for the candidate and the company.   


What types of people will be successful at this job?

The beauty of the recruiting world is that all sorts of people can be really successful. The main ingredients will be someone that communicates well and listens to understand, not to respond. They must be creative problem solvers and very curious. They must have a strong work ethic and must be resilient. In order to be successful, you can’t get overwhelmed easily and if you do, you need to be organized in order to fight through it. 


To be a successful recruiter you can’t wait for answers, you need to seek them out. You also must have the ability to fake it till you make it. This career moves fast and doesn’t stop. You need to move with it, while still taking the time you need to learn and retain.

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