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World Wisdom: Clear Drop Recycling Innovations

 Clear Drop, one of the world’s first companies with the sole purpose of eliminating 100% of unprocessed household garbage through technology, recently announced the first line of production-ready home appliances to streamline how we process our waste, soft plastics, and organic trash: Clear Drop SPC (Soft Plastic Compactor) and Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector). Clear Drop’s growing product line is designed to clean-up the environment, processing 100% of home refuse without leaving anything for the landfill. Affordably priced and geared to the home user, each patent-pending Clear Drop unit addresses one specific type of recycling, making it as simple and effective as possible to stop polluting with destructive soft plastics and garbage organic waste. There are 6.3 billion tons of soft plastics left in the world to collect, and global waste management companies agree that a solution must be provided to recycle as much soft plastic as possible without polluting the world further.

Clear Drop SPC (Soft Plastic Compactor) -- No More Flying Bags & Soft Plastic Contaminants
The first product in the new line is the Clear Drop SPC (Soft Plastic Compactor), a patent-pending simple home pre-recycling system. Clear Drop felt the urgency to create a plastics compactor that helps waste management businesses deal with destructive soft plastics that can end up in the ocean and landfills, without the need for waste companies to develop new expensive industrial equipment in-facility. SPC solves the problem that waste management plants have battling for years: trying to unclog processing plants that constantly get stuck with loose plastic wrappers, bags, and packaging. Before Clear Drop, flying soft plastics were hard to collect and costly to transport for consumers, who simply didn’t know what to do with them.
Clear Drop is easy to use, just place all soft plastics: bags, baggies, wrappers, packaging, etc. into the Clear Drop SPC, where plastics are automatically compacted and sealed utilizing the melting properties of the plastic itself. The “brick” of compacted soft plastic can be conveniently added to your recycling bin (as allowed locally) or dropped off at a recycling facility, where it is easily disassembled by the facility’s grinding equipment and then utilized in the regular plastic recycling process. There is no need to perform a complicated separation process and much less cleaning/washing is required. In addition, Clear Drop SPC doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the environment and is time-efficient and low-cost for consumers.

Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector) -- Optimize Valuable Organic Materials to Replenish our Environmental Resources
The second product in the new line is the new Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector), which allows valuable organic material to be optimized to replenish our environmental resources. The patent-pending automatic process compacts and seals organics without releasing harmful substances. The OC takes any organic refuse for no more under-sink garbage disposal problems. Easy to use, it stores organics for up to seven days without unpleasant smells, with infrequent removals of around once a week without smelly liquids draining from the garbage recycling during transport.
“Currently, only a fraction of what we consume is recycled, mostly due to the physical properties of plastic and organic materials and complicated sorting,” said Ivan Arbouzov, CEO, One Clear Drop. “Plastics are poison for the planet, difficult to separate, transport, and hold in one place. Everyone has probably heard about the staggering numbers of unrecycled plastics and food waste, contributing to 11% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Households -- all of us together -- constitute the majority of this garbage pollution. With our ZERO TRASH! initiative, Clear Drop is working to solve this problem, providing 100% processing of all home refuse without leaving anything for the landfill.”

Both Clear Drop models will be available for pre-order in January, priced at $295.00 and shipping by July 1, 2023. For more information, see or

I had a chance to learn more in this interview.

Why were these systems created?

  • There is a clear discrepancy in the current recycling processes that don’t cover many problems: 1. Many items are not processed or recycled and end up in a dump. 2. Recycling effort is not convenient for many, not everyone does it in full or correctly. 3. Recycling industry is not prepared effectively deal with 100% of unprepared trash.

Our goal is to alleviate these issues.


How can people find places where the bricks from the compactor will be recycled?

  • The Clear Drop, LLC works constantly to create connections with local recyclers. When our systems begin distribution – users will have clear instructions what to do with their compacted soft plastic and organics in their area.


What advantages does the organics collector have over other home composting systems?

  • Organic recycling companies typically take all types of organics, including those that are not recommended for home recycling. Our collector is a good place to put everything organic and properly and conveniently forward this material for processing.
  • Home composting systems are good for many, but they take only so much material. Our collector  takes 100%
  • Our system uses very low power. Some quick composters require a lot of energy.
  • Our design is made for everyone, it is easy to use and does not involve dealing with compost. Composting systems are not needed by the most. In most cases people have no use for constant inflow of compost.
  • Last but not least is the cost of the system. Some composters are much more expensive. Having said that for some people who find use in compost all the time, home composting systems are ideal. Majority however creates tremendous amount of organic waste and does not know how to handle it conveniently. This is where we come in.

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