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Book Nook: Whingey Williams and her Wonderful Wellington Boots

 Bringing to life the stories originally written over fifteen years ago and lost in a house move, Meredith Jeffrey delights with his children’s tales, all of which centre on The Gower, the first area in the UK to be awarded ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ status, and where the author grew up.

Sharing four stories per book, each volume centres around the adventures of the whingeing Winifred and her best buddy, Meredith (who is said to have penned the stories and drawings). Running concurrently alongside the adventures of the two friends the author also weaves in tales of the Verry Volk, fairies that are very much part of Gower folklore.

An engaging series that will be enjoyed by youngsters being read to at bedtime, as well as older children embarking on their independent reading journey, Whingey, her wellington boots and Meredith are destined to become literary favourites for those that live in the countryside as well as those who hail from the city.



The stories are about Whingey Williams from Gower in Wales and her adventures with her best friend Meredith. Whingey whose real name is Winifred but everyone calls her Whingey as she likes to complain wears her wonderful Wellington boots everywhere as they stop her getting wet and dirty, stop her complaining and are so comfortable. Meredith finds it funny that she wears her Wellingtons even to visit Buckingham Palace and Father Christmas but for some reason or other wearing her Wellingtons always turns out well. There is also a sub story about Verry Volk which is the real name given to fairies on Gower.

Most of the places where the adventures take place are real places or based on real places sometimes altered a little bit to fit in with the story and most of the legends and stories are true stories told on Gower but some are just down to the imagination of the author. None of the characters in the stories are real people or based on real people. The stories are said to be written by Meredith including the drawings. The stories are different to any other children's books because they are set in a real place although it is always shown in a positive light and none of the characters are based on real people. It also has a theme about Wellington boots and in essence growing up and everyone likes Wellington boots and the theme also involves a girl complaining and being laughed at then turning out to be right. But it also tells everything about the Verry Volk as if they are real like butterflies and bats.


Term 1 includes: Fruit Picking; Shopping; Buckingham Palace; Santa Claus

Term 2 includes: The Zoo; The Snowy Day’ The Pageant; The Woodland Walk

Term 3 includes:  The Party; The Funfair; The Beach; The Wedding


Independently published, Whingey Williams and her Wonderful Wellington Boots are available as follow on Amazon:

Whingey Williams and her Wonderful Wellington Boots – Term 1 –  at and

Whingey Williams and her Wonderful Wellington Boots – Term 2 –  at and

Whingey Williams and her Wonderful Wellington Boots – Term 3 –  at and


About the author:

Meredith Jeffery writes the stories about his best friend Whingey Williams. Meredith is from Gower which is a small piece of land that sticks out into the sea at the bottom of Wales one of the countries of the United Kingdom. Gower was the first area designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain. Meredith is of course a pen name for the real author who also grew up on Gower. These stories just popped into his head one day and he wrote them down in an old manuscript that he then lost in a house move. 15 years later he agreed to rewrite one of the stories and found they still just popped out of his head as if he was writing a letter to a friend. So he has now rewritten all the stories again and some additional stories. So far everyone who has read them has loved them, so he now wants to see what people beyond the little land he calls home think of the stories.  

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