Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Book Nook: New Spring INDESTRUCTIBLES Titles

 INDESTRUCTIBLES: BABY’S FIRST PASSOVER and INDESTRUCTIBLES: HAPPY EASTER!  are the two newest installations in the wildly popular series by Amy Pixton.

Books are a classic gift for expecting parents-to-be – but for the first few years of their lives, babies are more interested in destroying books than reading them. Thoughtfully chosen baby shower gifts turn into shredded pages, board books are hurled across the room. For those beginning years, the INDESTRUCTIBLES series provides toddlers and their parents with exactly what they need: a book that’s practically bulletproof.


The Indestructibles are books built for the way babies “read”: with their hands and mouths. Printed on a unique paper-like material that is nontoxic, washable, and rip-proof, they hold up against anything little ones can throw at them. With few words and eye-catching colors, these books introduce infants to the act of reading. 


With the two latest installments, Indestructibles is bringing holidays to your home! Baby’s First Passover takes baby through the steps of their first Seder meal. Happy Easter takes little ones on their first egg hunt and introduces them to their new favorite character: the Easter bunny.

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