Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Consumer Critique: Tiki Dog Born Carnivore Small & Medium Breed All Life Stage Dry Dog Food - Savory Duck

 My dog has gotten to try all sorts of different foods recently, I recently had a chance to review Tiki Dog Born Carnivore Small & Medium Breed All Life Stage Dry Dog Food - Savory Duck. Like the chicken flavor, the pieces are small and cute. She also could tell that this was a new food for her, and after sniffing and tail wagging, a bit, she jumped right in and loved it. 

The other nice thing with having small sizes is for training. We will often use regular kibble for training treats. She's food-motivated, so it doesn't matter if it's a special treat or just her regular food, she'll do her tricks for anything. Both of my girls do training sessions with her each day, to keep her occupied and give her something to do, so we don't want large treats for that. Plus, regular dog food is definitely designed to be nutritious, so we can feel good about giving it to her.

Frequent training sessions are good for her to help her bond with every member of our family too. Although she definitely has her preference (my husband), she definitely enjoys spending time with any of us. They keep things interesting for us too - by teaching her new tricks, we get interested in different ways to play with her and try to teach her how to do something different.

Every Tiki brand product we've tried, our dog has liked. They're easy to find in major pet food retailers around the nation.

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