Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Healthy Habits: Multi-Faced Approach to Weight Loss

 An innovative and personalized approach to weight management is gaining attention, focusing not only on the number displayed on the scale, but also on a variety of other factors that contribute to overall wellness. This according to bestselling author and social media influencer Beth Linder-Moss on her appearance with Dr. Marissa Pei. This comprehensive and realistic strategy encourages individuals to monitor their weight, body measurements, clothing fit, and personal wellbeing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To listen to the entire interview, go here: Weight, Scales and How To Manage Both.


Relying on the Scale to Excess

“Many people have relied excessively on weighing just once a month to monitor their progress,” Beth said. “However, this new method emphasizes the importance of evaluating various factors to avoid feeling restricted or discouraged by weight alone.” She went on, “by paying attention to how clothes fit, tracking body measurements, and taking note of personal feelings, people are enabled to make better informed decisions about their health and habits.”


Measure and Monitor Physical and Emotional Factors

Body measurements and shape play a crucial role in assessing progress and determining potential risk factors. Understanding the different body shapes, such as apple and pear, can help tailor specific strategies and plans for different individuals. Additionally, regularly monitoring areas where weight is commonly gained, such as the stomach and hips, can lead to earlier detection of potential issues and support timely interventions.


Notably, prioritizing personal feelings plays a significant role in this approach. “Recognizing patterns of sluggishness or low energy levels can help to alert people, encouraging them to identify the need for adjustments,” Beth stated. “By staying in tune with their bodies and emotional wellbeing, individuals can effectively maintain a natural balance and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”

Overall, this multi-faceted method offers newfound hope and a more inclusive way for everyone to achieve their optimal weight and health goals. By considering multiple factors and emphasizing personal wellness, this approach aims to set people on the path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.


About Beth Linder-Moss

Beth Linder-Moss is the author of an Amazon best-selling book, “Think Healthy, Be Healthy” and hosts a weekly national syndicated podcast.

Ms. Linder-Moss is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer, certified sports nutritionist, and an Exercise Physiologist, having earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. Beth has helped thousands take positive steps in their journey to a healthier life through the written word, social media, one-on-one training, and group sessions. Learn more at her website: https://bethlinder-moss.

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