Monday, August 7, 2023

Book Nook - Disobedient Women

I recently had the chance to read the book DISOBEDIENT WOMEN by Sarah Stankorb. This was a very interesting book. Written by a journalist, the book takes a very factual approach to the ways that technology has made it possible for women to challenge traditional power structures in their communities. Through many of these women's experiences, changes are happening regarding women's roles in evangelical groups.

I found this book fascinating. I consider myself religious, but I exist in a very middle-ground space - I am not nearly as conservative as many traditional evangelicals, so it's always been interesting to be so at odds with much of the culture and tradition, while still agreeing with some of the religious beliefs. I've often wondered how women in certain religious groups could be so willing to let men have so much control, especially in light of a lot of the abusive things that take place. (Note: I know that there are conservative evangelical groups where women aren't oppressed, and there are women who willingly go along with certain roles in loving relationships, but that's not always the case).

The book was comprehensive and intriguing, highlighting a lot of the ways that things are changing as modern media makes it easier for people to share stories and connect with each other to find support. It was definitely worth the read!

Also releasing this month:

WHEN THE WORLD BREAKS by Jason A. Miller (released Aug. 1)

Re-examining the Beatitudes—eight paradoxes found in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount—pastor Jason Adam Miller points to a new way of finding hope in the midst of suffering.


YOU CAN LIVE THE DREAM by Nick Nilson (releasing Aug. 8)

Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church shows readers how to stop delaying the life they dream of living and enjoy the life they have right now.


FLOURISH by Grace Wabuke Klein (releasing Aug. 8)

A guide to living well through all the seasons of life, encouraging readers to trust God’s timing and hold onto hope in the periods of waiting.


GUTSY by Natalie Franke (releasing Aug. 15)

Founder of the Rising Tide Society, who has coached thousands of small business owners, helps readers get unstuck and take the first steps to becoming bolder, more decisive, and more successful as they chase their dreams.


KABUL by Jerry Dunleavy & James Hasson (releasing Aug. 15)

A fearless, journalistic account of how the United States’ hasty retreat from Afghanistan solidified the deterioration of American power and prestige abroad.


WOVEN by Meredith Miller (releasing Aug. 22)

In this inspiring parenting book, learn how to create space for your children to get to know God in a way that focuses on trust instead of a list of rigid rules. 


I CRY IN CORNERS by Chari Orozco (releasing Aug. 29)

Pastor, speaker, and podcaster Chari Orozco explores how Jesus handled emotions during his time on earth and encourages readers to honor their emotions as a gift and invitation to grow in spiritual maturity.


WorthyKids Pick: HOME IS CALLING (releasing Aug. 8)

A moving and beautifully illustrated story about the annual migration of the monarch butterfly.


WorthyKids Pick: BRINDLEFOX (releasing Aug. 22)

Reminiscent of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, this deliciously odd picture book tells the story of a reclusive fox who learns to open himself up to friendship.

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