Monday, August 14, 2023

Book Nook - To Walk It Is To See It

I love to travel, and have had the good fortune to have several trips to Europe - plus a few I was able to live vicariously through my parents by helping them plan and follow along with their vacations! I also enjoy reading travel memoirs, so I was looking forward to To Walk It Is To See It.

The book follows the author and her husband on their "adult gap year," walking a 1,400-mile trail called the Grande RandonnĂ©e Cinq (GR5), which winds across The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Unlike some major trails that involve roughing it and camping, they were able to follow the trail from village to village. That didn't necessarily mean that it was an easy experience, however!

Any major travel brings with it feelings of homesickness, no matter how much one loves to travel. Long hikes also provide ample time to wrestle with sometimes challenging thoughts. The author is very up front about her reflections along the trail, many of which relate to previous struggles (note: there is discussion of eating disorders). Throughout the journey, though, she finds that a marriage is like a trail - it's not always easy, and there are challenges, but there are beautiful moments and experiences as well. 

If you like travel memoirs, this is definitely a great book for you, whether or not you've ever been to Europe!

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