Friday, August 11, 2023

Mealtime Magic - Gas Griddles

 Ahead of Labor Day as the last hurrah for a summer cookout, I’m sharing data that shows gas griddles – a cooking method preferred by Gen-Z and Boomers alike – continue to gain popularity. 

This is from TraQline, which helps retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart identify the latest trends in popular consumer products.  
Some highlights: 
  • An equal percentage of GenZ & Millennials (12.3%) and Boomers/Gen Xers (11.4%) have bought griddles. There’s a starker divide when it comes to gas grills (25% vs 41%, respectively). 
  • On a whole, younger generations tend to buy more of the non-traditional outdoor cooking appliances (griddles, pellet grills, gravity grills, etc) 
  • Gas griddles went from 4.5% in 2019 to 11.5% in 2023; gas grills, on the other hand, have gone from 35% to 31%, in the same time period 
  • Walmart continues to dominate the griddle market, with 32% saturation, compared to 18% and 9% for Lowe’s and Home Depot. 
TraQline will also tell you the surge in griddles is likely fueled by viral food trends, including smashburgers, hibachi-style dinners, and the ability to cook breakfast outside. 

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