Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Book Nook - The Last Horseman: A (Mostly True) Story of a Midwestern Housewife, Illegal Gambling, and The Big Race

 Inspired by true events, The Last Horseman: A (Mostly True) Story of a Midwestern Housewife, Illegal Gambling, and The Big Race by Robert Mazerov is a gripping story of a Midwestern housewife who secretly devises an epic gambling scheme to save the career of her down-on-his-luck horse trainer husband.

Eddie Logan was once the nation’s leading standardbred horse trainer. Today, he's down on his luck, struggling to survive in a world where rigged races and corruption threaten the future of the sport he loves. As Eddie faces mounting financial pressures, he succumbs to the temptation of cheating, the one-and-only time in his career. When it all goes wrong, he loses everything–except the love and support of his wife, Jean.

Desperate to save the man she loves, Jean (a seemingly unassuming Midwestern housewife) cooks up a lucrative–and illegal–betting scheme. With the help of an organized crime boss, she bets on race after race, risking everything in the hopes of winning enough to restore Eddie's reputation and career.

Jean must stay one step ahead of the law while keeping her scheme secret from Eddie, who would put a stop to it, and the horse racing officials, who would ban her and Eddie from the sport for life. As she walks a narrow line, Jean must decide how far she will go to save the one she loves.

With laugh-out-loud funny prose, The Last Horseman pulls from the author’s upbringing on a standardbred horse farm in rural southern Ohio. Mazerov isn’t simply telling this story, he’s lived it. “People who read The Last Horseman will understand that good can come from the strangest and most unexpected places; and that though somebody seems bad, they may not be all bad,” Mazerov says. “We might do the wrong thing for the right outcome; and we can all find our redemption, if we want to.”

Perfect for fans of Secretariat and The Greatest Gambling Story Ever ToldThe Last Horseman is the story of love and deception, of surprise and terror, of laughter and danger, of commitment and infidelity, and of how doing the right thing can come from the most unexpected place.

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