Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Book Nook - The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones is a Science Fiction adventure that takes place on Earth 100,000 years ago. It is the survival tale of a teenage girl named Blue Flower who escapes into the wilderness as her tribe is captured by an opposing clan. 

Out in the far reaches of the desert landscape, Blue Flower is rescued by a being from another world, and the two of them form a bond through music. Blue Flower and Crow Mother develop a relationship through song though their words have little value to one another at first. Ultimately, they realize they want to trust each other, and Crow Mother helps Blue Flower to find her captured tribe.

“I had the initial inspiration for this story many years ago as a child while on a trip with my family to Mesa Verde. The idea that a series of structures could be built into the side of such a steep, inaccessible place and so long ago ignited my imagination,” explains C.B. Strul.

It is the common opinion of most scientists that human civilization did not really get going in the Americas until about 10,000 years ago. The author posits that people visited the “New World” much earlier than most have been willing to consider. Imagine if they came, tried to live here during the Wisconsin Glaciation, and left across the land bridge of the Bering Strait before their great great (ad infinitum) grandchildren eventually about-faced and tried the Americas once again. Quite recently, Homo sapien remains have been uncovered that have tentatively been dated all the way back to this exact period. Whether this dating is accurate or not, the possibility remains that humans might very well have visited the Americas far earlier than previously thought. 

If that is true, then some form of civilization must have been at play among these early explorers — tribal or clan-like — gatherers and hunters doing their best, socializing in whatever way early human could have, just like the Tetset and Hen’Bon’On featured in The Ancient Ones. These two communities (and others briefly referenced within this book) might have lived, travelled, and become Hun, Anglo Saxon, or Czechoslovakian. The swaths of time that linger between the setting of this novel and the birth of civilization as we have come to know it are so vast that much would have been lost, forgotten, destroyed. This space leaves room for the imagination to flourish and tales of ancient tribes to arise.

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About the Author

C.B. Strul is excited to launch his first full-length science fiction novel entitled The Ancient Ones. He has previously released a series of three novellas: Spinners, Forget the Complex, and What Grows from the Stump of a Tree? He lives in Los Angeles with his fiancée, extended family, and two sweet pugs. To learn more, please visit OdomsLibrary.com or follow him on Instagram @CBSciFi.


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