Friday, November 3, 2023

Healthy Habits - Health-Conscious Holiday Eating

 This week on the Beth Linder-Moss Podcast, Beth discusses the challenges and opportunities of maintaining healthy diets in festive periods. This episode features a discussion about delicious, nutritious meals without sacrificing the essence of holiday celebrations or the progress made on their health-conscious journeys. The Beth Linder-Moss Podcast can be heard on Apple Podcasts, iHeart, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, and SoundCloud.


The Middle Ground

Beth describes the balance between celebrating with traditional foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She dispels the commonly held notion that eating healthily must compromise taste and affordability, asserting that good health and flavor can coexist even during festive celebrations. “There is not a reason to feel deprived,” Beth told her listeners. “Rather than fight the temptation take a bite of something that you really like. That is way ahead of leaving the table feeling deprived.”


Keep It Clean

Beth highlights the importance of ‘clean eating’ during holiday seasons. She recommends consciously selecting unprocessed foods as a means of safeguarding one's well-being. While some pre-prepared meals might seem convenient, Beth insists that the benefits of fresh, homemade food outweigh the perceived convenience of processed options.


"Preparing meals like cranberry sauce from scratch not only ensures freshness but also contributes to overall wellness,” she said. “Pair fresh turkey with vegetables—sprayed and seasoned, not drowned in oil—and you're practicing clean eating", says Beth. She acknowledges how eating freshly prepared meals can be both satisfying and good for you.”


Our Guts

The discussion turns to gut health, a subject of increasing importance in wellness circles. Beth recommends fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles. “Who doesn’t like pickles,” she asks her listeners. For dessert, Beth recommends yogurt, fresh fruit and the sweetener ‘Stevia’ or honey. “Consuming any type of sugar will lead to more consumption of it. Sugar eats sugar,” she counselled.


On the use of artificial sweetener Beth states that the human brain recognizes those the same way it processes sugar. “The perception of those sweeteners as sugar will not stop craving or the mental signal that more is needed,” she said.


About the Beth Linder-Moss Podcast

The 'Beth Linder-Moss Podcast’ continues to equip its listeners with invaluable advice, encouraging healthier choices during holiday seasons and beyond, thus fostering a culture of wellness.


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