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Shopping Savings - Vivid Pix Memory Station


Vivid-Pix, the leading provider of DIY scanning, restoring, and sharing treasured memories, announced today the Vivid-Pix® Memory Station Mother’s Day Promo for Memory Station one-click scanner/software bundles, the easiest way to digitize, restore, record memories, create stories, and save print images, documents, keepsakes and memorabilia at home without sending precious images to a scanning service. Designed especially for older adults and the mobility-challenged, Memory Station’s software features user-friendly, extra-large buttons and fast, easy-to-use directions for supreme simplicity to bring printed photos and memorabilia back to life for reminiscing and future generations.

The perfect gift for mom, the Vivid-Pix Memory Station Mother’s Day Promo is easy to give. Just purchase and send as a gift for the Memory Station scanner to be delivered to mom with the software sent to her email address -- or have the scanner delivered to your home and bring it to her. Either way, receive a savings of $50 off for all Memory Station bundles with the code: PHOTO2024 at

Don’t Store Your Memories in a Shoebox -- No Need to Risk Sending Out Your Precious Photos to a Service

“Mom will love looking through old photos and restoring and creating recorded stories for the family -- a wonderful way to share time with mom. The joy I see while traveling the U.S. watching people use Memory Station reliving and restoring these memories is really quite special,” said Rick Voight, CEO, Vivid-Pix. “For over a century, we’ve taken pictures. These memories are often stored in shoeboxes and albums – never to see the light of day or even shared. This is not why we took photos. But it used to be a chore to scan each photo to do more with these treasured keepsakes, right? Not anymore!”

One-Click Ease of Use

Vivid-Pix Memory Station is simple to use. Simply open the software, click the scanner button and digitize up to 10 images at one time. Click Restore and images are improved automatically (as needed) with Vivid-Pix’s patented image improvement software. Click Record and record a voice memory describing each image, and Stories brings these images and memories vibrantly back to life to view on computer, TV, phone, social media…anywhere!

In addition to home use, Vivid-Pix Memory Station is also the recommended scanning/restoration solution in use throughout the U.S. at senior living and healthcare centers, genealogical and historical societies, libraries, museums, and archives, including:
• Senior Living: Cloverwood Friendly Senior Living, the #1 Nursing Home in NY state. Cloverwood is a full-service independent living community located in Pittsford, NY which opened in 2004 as an active, friendly senior living community with a rich selection of programs and activities.
• Home Healthcare: Thrive Center, a technology testing location for National Institute of Health (NIH). A unique consortium of people and ideas unlike anything in the world, Thrive is a collaborative group of innovators, researchers, and healthcare providers from across the US who are focused on solving challenges and providing solutions for the aging care market.
• Societies: National Genealogical Society and genealogical and historical societies across America use and recommend Vivid-Pix and the Memory Station, as described in this video: Family Matters.
• Libraries: Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN, and libraries across America use and recommend Vivid-Pix and the Memory Station. The ACPL Genealogy Center explores unique state-of-the-art resources for family history research with the largest publicly available research collection in the country; making available, at no cost, records from around the world to aid in personal discovery: The Power of Story.
• Archives: Houston County Archives and Tennessee Archives & Museum.
• Museums: International African American Museum, Charleston, SC. IAAM is the museum that honors the untold stories of the African American journey at one of our country’s most sacred sites.


Vivid-Pix Memory Station bundles are available immediately at priced starting at $799.99 with $50 off for Mother’s Day with the code: PHOTO2024 until April 30, 2024.

Vivid-Pix is on tour throughout the U.S., to see if they will be in your neighborhood and to try out Memory Station for yourself, go to: For more information about the Vivid-Pix Memory Station, see:, website:

About Vivid-Pix

Vivid-Pix invents and harnesses technologies, making it simple for individuals and organizations to relive memories and share stories. Whether by inventing software to restore decades or centuries-old photos and documents, bringing back precious memories that were thought to be long gone due to the passage of time, helping with cognitive decline through Photo Reminiscence Therapy (pRT), or bringing families and friends together at reunions, for over a decade Vivid-Pix has made it simple and affordable for individuals, families, and organizations to relive memories. Vivid-Pix Solutions patented software is sold in over 120 countries, improving old, faded photos and documents. For more info, visit

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