Thursday, July 22, 2010

Contest: S'mores Smiles

As part of a Mom Bloggers Club contest to win a S'mores prize package, I'm posting about my favorite way to make S'mores.

My absolute favorite way is just to make them the traditional way - roast two marshmallows to light brown, then squoosh between two halves of a graham cracker with three squares of a chocolate bar. But I've found other substitutes. For example, on a cold, rainy day, you can try using nutella and marshmallow cream. I've also made them without the chocolate using chocolate graham crackers and peanut butter - that was really yummy.

For me, s'mores are the crucial part of any camping trip. I like making them just at a backyard bonfire, but nothing says camping like roasting marshmallows and hot dogs and making s'mores. And since we're avid campers, I sure make s'mores a lot!

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