Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fun Freetime: Luca Lashes

Most children have something they're afraid of doing - especially the first time. Now, there's an app for helping ease that fear. Utilizing the power of interactive eBooks, Nicole and Damir Fonovich have created Luca Lashes to turn the “fear of firsts” into fun. The series was inspired by their little boy, Lucas, and their desire to help him be brave in all his childhood discoveries: the first swimming lesson, first plane ride, first trip to the dentist, first haircut.

Nicole and Damir recruited a team of editors, illustrators, music composers, translators and narrators to create an educational and fun answer to every parent's struggle. The result is a charming, multi-lingual (English, French, Italian and Spanish) line of children's eBooks and apps based on a boy with magic eyelashes which give him special brave powers in all his "scary" firsts.

The series will have nine books released throughout 2012, and follow Luca as he (and his parents) conquers fearful firsts, from brushing his teeth to visiting mommy in the hospital. A parent's section at the back of each book highlights key teaching concepts and offers questions parents can use to prompt learning opportunities.

The apps can be downloaded for $3.99 at the Amazon App Store,, the Apple App Store, the Barnes & Noble Nook App Store, and the Google Play App Store. Accompanying eBooks can be purchased for Kindle or Nook for $2.99 at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

The books are very well put-together - the illustrations are adorable and I like that there are interactive features. I also love the bonus parent tips, since sometimes it can be hard to know what the best way to approach a child's fear is.

Nicole and Damir Fonovich have backgrounds in teaching, writing and publishing. Together, they have 17 years of experience in the education field, in both teaching and administration. Nicole has a Master of Education in Educational Policy and Leadership and has respectfully served in the field of financial aid for the majority of her adult life helping students. They currently live in the Chicago area. Learn more at www.lucalashes.com, or follow @LucaLashesLLC. You can also join the Luca Lashes parent forum

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ebook to facilitate this post.

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