Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Questions to Ask Before Living Together

Moving in together can be a ton of fun. Not to mention, you will save money having only one set of bills to pay. However, it can also be hard work. Before you take the ultimate plunge, there are a few things you should ask one another, and then decide if your relationship is really strong enough to stand up to the future storms that may arise.

Unpakt, a comparison pricing site for consumers searching for a moving company, shares the top questions to ask before moving in together.

What are your future expectations?
You may be thinking that this is the final step in your relationships for a very long time but your partner might think that this is just a stepping stone. They could see wedding plans or children in the near future. Be honest about what you see happening in the next one or two years, or for however long you sign your lease for. No one should feel rushed into a further commitment until they are ready.

How will we handle conflict?
Don’t even think that there will be no conflict. Sure, you get along perfectly now, but all couples who live together have conflict arise at some point. You need to decide how you will handle disagreements.

Will you have a house meeting? Will you give one another a few hours to cool off and then come back and talk about it? Handling the conflict in a mature and agreed upon way will ensure a mole hill does not turn into a mountain.

Who will pay for what?
You may agree to split the rent, but there are other bills to consider. Not to mention, someone will need to pay for groceries, and other necessities like garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. If you both have substantial incomes, then maybe this won’t be a problem, but with most couples on a budget, it will be. You may also want to start a “piggy bank” that you can both put a specific amount in every week to save up for a new furniture piece, a flat screen television or a vacation.

Who will take care of the chores?
You may both be saying you will share the responsibility of the chores, but if it is unclear who will handle each task, things may get overlooked. Will you have specific jobs? Will one person be in charge of laundry? If this is the case, does the other person know how you like your laundry? Some people like certain items hung to dry to avoid shrinkage. Who will take care of the grocery shopping? Better yet, who will take care of the cooking?

Moving in together can be a positive experience, but success really comes down to communication. Don’t expect that you will have control of the remote control every time you turn the television on. You will need to learn to compromise a little to make things work. 

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