Saturday, June 28, 2014

Parenting Pointers: Unhomework

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I know, it seems somehow wrong to reference homework during the summer, but it's actually a good time to reflect on the purpose and efficacy of homework, whether you're a parent of school-age kids or an education professional.

Unhomework is a valuable read for anyone interesting in looking at homework differently. It's written by a teacher from the UK, so sometimes the phrases seem a little foreign to US ears, but the points are valid and well-written. It's not that homework is bad, in and of itself, it's that it's often not used effectively. In the book, Mark Creasy lays out the 5 Rs that guide homework, the rules for creating homework assignments, and questions to ask to make sure it's effective. In his classroom, students often set their own homework, which is very odd to most teachers, but I think is a great option in many classrooms! I actually often allowed a lot of choice in my first teaching job, and the kids loved it - they were more engaged and happier about their assignments.

If you felt like your kids were burdened with busywork last year, or you're a teacher who wants a fresh approach, check out the book for summer reading.

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