Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mealtime Magic: Transitioning to Healthy Eating

If you know you should eat healthier but just can't seem to make it a habit, here are some tips to help you out.

- Taper off from the junk. Many foods have addictive qualities, and it takes your body time to get used to reduced levels of sugar in your diet. It also takes taste buds time to learn how to taste fresh flavors again.
- Keep trying. It takes kids seven or more times to find a new food palatable - adults aren't necessarily that different!
- Mix flavors. Add crumbles of bacon, a light amount of sweetener, or another familiar taste to a healthier entree. You aren't changing the nutritional make-up too much, and it helps you associate previously distasteful foods with a positive experience.
- Use your other senses. Arrange your plate to look pretty and/or colorful. Avoid music that's too loud. Make sure the room has pleasant scents in it. All of these positively influence eating choices.

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