Friday, December 5, 2014

Amazing Apps: Bitmoji

Emoji useful, convenient and fun. But they're not as personal. The company that created Bitstrips is planning to change all that with the launch of Bitmoji, a new mobile app that turns people into their own personal set of emojis and stickers.

Personal meets emoji with the new Bitmoji app where users create their very own set of emojis based off cartoon avatars of themselves. Bitmoji allows users to uniquely express, convey and communicate with one another with its ever-growing list of options

Available today for free on Android and iOS, the Bitmoji app can easily be used in your text messages or favorite messaging apps including WhatsApp, iMessage, Kik and Line among others. For iOS 8 users, Bitmoji is available for keyboard integration for a simple yet seamless messaging experience.

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