Monday, December 8, 2014

Amazing Apps: Totally Pregnant

Totally Pregnant is a free app for iOS and Android, designed to help women who are expecting with a complete source of information on the go. The app works when women input their due date and using location-based technology, pulls up a combination of personalized information including:

·         the first-ever 3D fetus animation videos (40 weeks’ worth and something that cost $3 million to produce)
·         a weekly pregnancy tracker
·         personal photo albums
·         local prenatal and postnatal classes/events
·         Q&A from live experts
·         discounts on pregnancy and baby products.

The app’s developer works with hospitals, doctors and medical centers who are interested in marketing their services to pregnant users in their respective neighborhoods, creating a great resource for expectant mothers to find suitable services in their neighborhood. I had a chance to interview
Niv Adi, the CEO and founder, Totali LLC to learn more.

1.     What was the inspiration behind this app's creation?
The wife of our CEO was pregnant and although he was using apps on a daily basis to order pizza and taxis, the only apps for pregnancy were ones that provided information. He wanted to create something that improved the lives of future parents and made the pregnancy easier to manage. 

2.   What are the advantages of using this app over other resources?
The huge draw to using the app is the 3D video. We invested a lot of time and money to create an incredible video showing the baby in the womb from conception to birth, there is nothing quite like it! 40 chapters of amazing animation showing the whole journey! Also, the app is built on a smart platform and is made for each unique user - based on where she is, what her interests are. As we add new technology and features to the app it is becoming smarter and more focused on bringing each user exactly what they want. Lastly, the moms in our community and in the chat rooms are the sweetest and most caring moms in the world!  
 3.    Why is it helpful for a pregnant woman to learn about their growing baby?
One of the biggest sources of anxiety is the fear of the unknown, especially when it revolves around medical situations. Being able to control your education and knowledge and taking charge of your pregnancy can help to make it all a little less scary! The 3D animation is the only production that gives a precise representation of the development week by week which is complimented by the tools, information and community to create an all round app that will really accompany women throughout the whole journey!

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