Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Letters to Our Missing

"Letters to our Missing" is a unique method of exposure for missing persons in hopes of inspiring more public awareness, and creating more involvement, regarding this issue. Some missing persons cases seem to get a great deal of attention, while others get none at all nationally. I got to read some of the letters, and they are very touching. Check out the video to learn more:

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  1. When I first saw the book... And saw my Aunt Barbara on page 14... It brought tear to my eyes... And when I showed our family the book...it effected them the same way..alot of tear.. I read thru the book.. And it is so heart warming.. I have seaching for my Aunt Barbara for so many years... This book has brought attention to the missing people in it... My hope one day is that someone will see her picture...her story.. and the poem that I wrote her... And say... Hey I know that woman... And that one person... lets me know where she is.. There have been a coupe people found that are in the book...Which is so GREAT...And thats what I want.. is for her to know that she is missed and loved... This book puts the missing out in the public for people to see.. And thats what we all want.. I want to thank Stephanie Coplen for everything that she has done... to make this possiable...