Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Play Golf Better Faster

I recently had a chance to interview Kalliope Barlis, author of Play Golf Better Faster (purchase through the website to get a signed copy).

What was the inspiration behind writing this book?

I wrote Play Golf Better Faster, The Classic Guide to Optimizing Your Performance and Building Your Best, Fast because it is important for people to have the opportunity to learn & apply the techniques I applied to give me the opportunity to play in professional tournaments. These techniques aren’t talked about in other golf books. They are written with practical steps while some are supported by scientific research.  
I did not grow up playing golf. I started playing in my twenties. One day, I had a vision that I would be a pro golfer. After that moment, I had to make sure that other responsibilities were taken care of in my life. Once they were, I moved out to Arizona from New York City to play golf everyday and two years later I was playing professionally. 

Much like that day that I had a vision to play professionally, I had a vision to publish the book and inform golfers of how to practice the right way so that when they play, they do play better. Equally important, I show them how to play, creating a routine and making each shot a resource for better future moments on the golf course. 

The book is full of messages and can also be used as a metaphor for everyday life because the techniques can be applied to anything in life so that you make life as wonderful as you think it is. 
For instance, the more you see your self playing well and sense what that feels like, the more you will play at the level you think you can. 
Who is the intended audience of the book?

Golfers with any level of experience who want to use their brain so that it works optimally. Novices, professionals and everyone in between can learn how to use their brain more effectively.  You will find this book valuable no matter what level of play you have because it includes techniques on how to manage your thoughts and what you do to dramatically improve their game. 
What sets this apart from other golf instruction books?

Play Golf Better Faster is written and designed in a way so that you improve while reading it. This way, your brain/mind absorbs the information easily. It takes the hard grind out of golf. You will dramatically improve your game even more when you actually do what is instructed. And the techniques can be done anywhere such as the supermarket line or waiting for kids in the car, not just the golf course. The industry is designed to confuse you with all the vast amounts of information it offers. Play Golf Better Faster teaches you routines for play and practice so that you have a template that allows new information to be programmed into with all the different conditions of every shot on the golf course. This way you have comfort in learning so that you play golf better. Play Golf Better Faster teaches you how to spend less time on golf equipment and more time on your game. I guarantee your improvement and I will personally give you your money back if not. 

The NLP techniques in Play Golf Better Faster are inspired by Dr. Richard Bandler. NLP is a technology of thought that is utilized by Oprah, Fortune 500 companies, Homeland Security., politicians and NLP Practitioners & Trainers who create change in people’s live so that they are always moving toward greater excellence. The purpose of this book is to make the golfer learn how to make a greater life for themselves on and off the course so that they are always moving in the right direction to have more of what they want in life. Consequently, playing golf better. 

What are some key tips you can give to beginners?

BALANCE: Learn how to maintain balance in all moments of your life. By doing so, it will be easy to maintain balance in your game.  Focus on moving from your center and focus your feet are on the ground. Everything in this world has a center of mass. Your center is just below your belly button. This physical awareness of moving from your center and focusing on your feet will give you greater ability to be balanced throughout your swing and other movements in golf. Too often, without balance throughout your movement, the swing will go off its plane missing the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the contact between the center of the club face to the center of the ball that always feels and sounds so sweet. 

ROUTINE: Routine gives you freedom. Shakespeare wrote all of his sonnets in the same structure yet each work is as individual and full of genius as your golf routine can create. Create a full routine for your self that includes what you do before the shot, during the shot and after the shot. This way, you will have created a comfort zone that allows you to feel confident in the many different situations you will have on the golf course. 

HOLDING THE CLUB: Hold the club in such a way that you are one unit with the club. There are three most common ways to hold the club. You can find illustrations of them in my book. Pick the one that feels most comfortable to you. Remember, this is your game so find what makes you work best at what you do. 

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  1. Get the right guidance, make sure that you are honing in the right golf mind set, use a bit of golf hypnosis to relax and to make the most beneficial thought processes automatic. It really is very easy...so long as you make the decision to tackle your own golf mind.