Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beddit - to Help You Sleep Better

According to the CDC about 70 million Americans experience and suffer from the effects of sleep problems. People who travel often suffer more! Beddit is an affordable science-based technology to help people actually see how they sleep and achieve better sleep .

Beddit is an ultra-thin film sensor that goes under the bed sheet to analyze sleep. Its sensor tracks  sleep and then sends a personalized report with recommendations to help achieve a better night’s sleep and quality of life via recommended life-style changes including stress management and behavior modification. The Beddit Sleep Tracker is based on ballistocardiography (BCG) to analyze a person’s sleep time and sleep quality.

Beddit tracks:
- Heart rate.
- Respiratory rate (which can indicate stress levels)
- Snoring: Beddit utilizes both the force sensor and the microphone of the mobile device which enables it to recognize one person's own snoring from a partner’s snoring.
- Movements: to recognize different sleep stages and sleep cycles and potential problems related to those stages/cycles.
- Sleeping environment: including the room temperature
- Whether a person awakens and/or get out of bed

Beddit’s Smart Alarm can awaken a person at the optimal time, based on his or her own sleep cycle. Beddit technology was developed in cooperation with Helsinki Sleep Clinic, VitalMed Research Center and Professor Markku Partinen, M.D., who is a leading expert in sleep medicine and sleep research.

Available on-line and at all Bed, Bath & Beyond Stores. For more information visit

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