Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Giveaway: Put Me in the Story

Before you were born,
my heart always knew
I wanted to be a good
parent to you.
From a beloved bestselling author whose books are quickly becoming classics, You Are My Heart is a sweet, inspiring story that beautifully showcases the emotions we all feel as parents. Lyrical verse from the point-of-view of a parent speaking to a child puts the magical aspects of that bond into words—from how you feel before your child is born, to imagining your future together. With beautiful artwork and insightful prose, this book is sure to become a new favorite.
"I love you."
"How much?"
"SO much."
"How much is so?"
“Way, Way more than you know."
I Love You So... puts into words the often indescribable quality of boundless, steady and unconditional love. This comforting story embraces the reader like a warm hug and gently reassures a child that love is for always - despite grouchy moods or physical separation. I Love You So... is the perfect pause in a hectic day, offering the gift of love to a treasured child.

The cow grazing in the meadow calls… I love moo, I love moo!
The big owl up in the tree hoots… Owl always love you, owl always love you!
Sandra Magsamen’s Whooo Loves You? is filled with sweet messages of love for little ones to listen to and cute-as-can-be animal illustrations to explore.
Share some love with your little one! This personalized Winnie the Pooh book features your child’s name and photo, and special message on the dedication page.
Pooh loves many things, but more than anything, Pooh especially loves you!
I love you brighter than
the brightest star ever shone.
I love you more, so much more
than you’ve ever known.
Were you ever told, “You know I love you?” Or have you ever felt that you did not tell someone you loved them enough? Reach out and embrace I Love You More, a timeless gift you will share again and again.

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