Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scholarship: Ten Commandments Essay Contest

Prager University is sponsoring a Ten Commandments Essay Contest for students age 22 and under. Here's how it works:

After watching the Ten Commandments series, students pick one commandment that most interests them. In their essay, they should explain what they believed about the commandment before they watched the video, and then explain how their understanding of  the commandment changed after they watched the video. Our judging panel will be composed of college professors and professional writers, including Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin, who is the CEO of PragerU as well as a professor of screenwriting at the American Film Institute.


Cash prizes -- up to $1,500 -- will be awarded to the winners. Entries are due by March 1, 2015. If you know students who would be interested (or any teachers who might want to tell their students about it), please feel free to forward this email.


For complete details on the contest, including rules, deadlines, and how to submit, click here

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