Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Consumer Critique: Improved Gillette Men's Shave Care

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

As we all know, there is nothing worse than having a rough morning. Whether you’re struggling to get out of bed, frustrated because you can’t decide what to wear, or – according to a recent Gillette survey – like the 35% of guys that commonly argue with their significant other over shaving messes and 32% of guys that say shaving is the most frustrating part of their morning routine, your day can easily start off on the wrong foot in a hurry.
That’s why Gillette is here to make things smoother with the launch of the all-new Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel Plus Skin Care, eliminating shaving messes and therefore bathroom arguments once and for all – and just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Paired with the Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology, the new Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel Plus Skin Care once again redefines shaving with an innovative design that leaves no mess, no rust, and no guessing thanks to:
·         A reimagined plastic canister that won’t rust
·         A see-through gauge to easily see how much gel remains
·         A nozzle that immediately seals closed to prevent messy leaks
This canister also contains Gillette’s most advanced shave gel to date – featuring a new skin care formula that leaves you feeling smooth, soft, cool, and refreshed long after the shave is done.
It is nice to have a container that doesn't rust. And my husband really likes the FlexBall Technology - plus, the sensitive shave gel works well for his sensitive skin. If you want your guy to shave with less mess, check out the re-designed canister!

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