Saturday, February 21, 2015

Website Spotlight: Monday Envelope

After a successful initial Beta in May of 2014, Monday Envelope, the all-­‐in-­‐one communications solution for PTA/PTO groups, has just announced an expanded release. The enhanced version incorporates significant updates and new features based on feedback from an active initial user group of thousands of parents, PTA/PTO leaders and teachers.

Serial entrepreneur mom and music industry veteran, Bryn Boughton, was frustrated by complicated and outdated systems that made participation in school communities and classrooms unnecessarily difficult. She and co-­‐founder, Ken Manning, created Monday Envelope with the mission of radically simplifying parent involvement. Since launching its beta six months ago, the Monday Envelope concept has been embraced by parents seeking to maximize their time and energy. What was once an endless thread of emails, spreadsheets and cash in envelopes is now a one-stop way to stay connected. Volunteer management, collection of fees/payments, event calendars, and even fundraising campaigns can now be taken care of all in the same app on any device.

Features include:
 · Sixty second group set-up allowing group leaders to bring members on and start communicating with a few clicks.
 · Web based, mobile-first design lets leaders and members access Monday Envelope from any device without the need to download anything.
· Action-oriented dashboards that let you see all to-dos at a glance from outstanding RSVP’s to need to pay/contribute to volunteer requests, etc.
· Improved volunteer payment status reports for leaders.
 · Calendar syncing with popular products like iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook.
 · Self created reminder capabilities for members.
 · Social media sharing component for fundraisers to extend reach.

Parents, PTOs and teachers participating in the pilot program can’t stop raving about its user-­‐ friendly interface and app. "We’ve seen a lot of new faces around the school since it’s so much easier to volunteer. We now have a Monday Envelope group for all our committees in addition to the general PTA and executive board. Setting up a new group is so quick! Our room parents have even been setting up their own classroom groups and being able to see everything in one place is making such a difference to our community, “ said Stephanie, a PTA Leader in Pleasant Hill, CA. Monday Envelope is now available for new groups to join.

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Monday Envelope is the first all-­‐in-­‐one communication solution built specifically for the 83,0000 Parent Faculty Associations (PTA/PTOs) that work tirelessly to support their schools. Founded in 2013, Monday Envelope provides a comprehensive suite of centralized tools for communication, volunteer management and fundraising. Monday Envelope helps parent leaders increase engagement, boost their budget and save hundreds of hours.

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