Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Consumer Critique: I Had Jelly on My Nose and a Hole in My Breeches...

Reminiscing about the "good 'ol days” can drum up some interesting memories of days gone by, a simpler time when the biggest concern children had was how many minutes they could play outside until Mom and Dad noticed the streetlights were on. Author Robert McNally's hilarious recollection of his childhood memories, in The Memoir of a Boy on His Dangerous Journey trilogy, takes readers along to extraordinary events

Right now, there are two volumes:  I Had Jelly on My Nose and A Hole in My Breeches (vol. 1), Sister Superior's Thumb, the Pope's Ring and the End of Childhood (vol. 2), and the final book in the trilogy is currently being penned.

The first follows McNally's childhood during WWII and the Great Depression when he grew up near a crematory and a jail with members of his family, inmates of the county jail, and his best friend Rosemary. In the area were gypsies, beggars and hobos. He also often searched for Nazi spies.

The second continues on with McNally's adventures as he enters adolescence. He found himself in trouble with the police, and convinced a couple of runaways to return home, and saved one runaway from being murdered by his runaway friend. He also captured the first black widow spider in the northeastern US.    

The books are full of shenanigans, told in a good-natured, unapologetic way. It was a funny book, and my in-laws really enjoyed them as well! I'm looking forward to the third volume.

About the Author

Robert McNally writes about his life's adventures growing up in Ridgewood and Middle Village, NY, at the coaxing of friends and family.  Insurance auditor, turned writer, McNally now resides in New York with his wife and has been happily married for more than 50 years.    

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