Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun Freetime: Yellowbird

Yellowbird, an animated film, will be released on DVD/VOD on April 17th of this year, and is the first feature film for Paris-based TeamTO Studio. TeamTO is best known for its TV shows, such as Rolie Polie Olie and Barbar, The Adventures of Badou

Yellowbird is a teeny tiny bird, who has no business leading a whole family of birds on migration. A bird that’s never left the nest and has no family, Yellowbird sets out in search of a family of his own. Finding himself leader of a flock due to his well-meaning, yet not wholly truthful, guardian Ladybug, he gets the flock deeper and deeper into trouble, where it becomes harder and harder to tell the truth.

The subtext of YELLOWBIRD is the discovery through little touches of that extraordinary but often dangerous epic, migration, which inexorably structures the destiny of millions of birds in the world. It is also a way to evoke the dangers birds are so often exposed to by human behavior. But it is above all the story of emancipation, that of a young being who finds his path in life at the same time as he does a family. I

You can learn more by visiting the journal of Christian De Vita, director or

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