Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Smart Safety: Childproof Your home: Checklist Room by Room

Childproofing home is essential moment for ensuring the best protection for your kids. As they are usually very curious and want to explore all the rooms, parents need to be very careful and not to let the kids get injured. Of course, this does not mean to panic but to have a basic guide which to follow when you childproof your home.

In most cases you do not need to have a special equipment for the purpose, however, it is preferable to supply yourself with some things that will guarantee for the better protection of the children.

Check out this wonderful guide for some valuable tips from Finchley Renovation Mates, thanks to which you will become more confident when you provide childproofing for each of the rooms. Household injuries among children are very widespread and that is why every parent needs to take precautions to prevent such accidents. Read the following lines and inform yourself about the basic steps in which you can make all of the rooms safer for your beloved children.


Bathroom facility should not be underestimated because it also hides risks for  the kid, unless it is protected in a reliable way. Here are some basic tips:

·      Make sure that you store all the detergents and cleaning products in cabinets that are out of kids' reach
·      To provide the best protection of the child from the hot water, set the water heater at 120 degrees F, as scalding from hot water is commonly observed among children


·      As far as knives and the sharp objects are concerned, they need to be locked in a cupboard that is out of children's reach. That also includes all the heavy pots that could cause an injury
·      To prevent burn, you had better think of installing knob covers. Burns can seriously damage the skin of your kid and that is why you need to ensure the utmost protection in the kitchen


Bedrooms also require careful childproofing that basically includes the following things:

·      You need to install appropriate smoke detectors next to the kids' bedrooms and to check out their efficiency each month
·      Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors also tend to be a major aspect of the childproofing, so do not forget to install them next to the sleeping areas

Living Room

As far as the living room is concerned, here are some important details to take into account:

·      Do not situate the TV on low furniture because when children play around they could accidentally overturn it and they will easily hurt themselves
·      For the unstable furniture, try use brackets or wall straps that will effectively secure them
·      In case you have a fireplace in the living room, remove the fireplace grill by replacing it with matches and a screen

General Tips for The Whole House

·      Do not forget to check out for any unused outlets and to put safety plugs
·      Regularly check out for any medications or cleaning products that are randomly situated in the rooms.

This is a useful checklist to follow, whenever you want to childproof your home. The tasks are easily implemented, as long as you have some free time and the right instructions. After you have protected all the room, provide extensive cleaning of the surface to ensure the high level of hygiene.
With the right precautions you will be able to create safe home environment for your kids, without disturbing their comfort. Childproof your rooms,to protect your beloved kids from injuries, burns and other unpleasant conditions that they may experience. Take into account these excellent piece of advice and enjoy the safe home atmosphere.

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