Thursday, May 7, 2015

Caring Causes: Nepal Gratitude Project

Health and wellness expert and entrepreneur Alana Kessler has decided to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the Nepal earthquake through a profoundly innovative humanitarian campaign, The Nepal Gratitude Project.

The Nepal Gratitude Project not only raises funds to aid those victims and their loved ones impacted by the natural disaster, it raises consciousness and spirits internationally. For the month of May, Alana will be offering the uplifting campaign with some powerful and transformative participatory experiences for supporters.
On Saturday, April 25th, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Katmandu, Nepal killing more than 5,000 people. In the wake of this disaster, eight million people, 1 one million of those being children, are enduring health epidemics, homelessness, and lack of fresh water and food. All over social media and on the news heartbreaking scenes of displacement, loss, and death have played over and over again as viewers helplessly watched the heartbreaking saga unfold.

The Nepal Gratitude Project answers the question: How can we serve with the most integrity? The project works on a variety of levels. Monetarily, it is structured to raise at least $5,000 towards the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund through The Seva Foundation (BBB Accredited Charity). Those wishing to donate can do so via the online fundraising and donation website GiveForward.
But unlike most charitable projects where the giving stops after the financial transaction,
The Nepal Gratitude Project continues as a transformative journey for the supporter that sends a powerful display of love and support to victims and their loved ones. Beginning on May 1st, Alana is asking The Nepal Gratitude Project supporters to participate in a community 30 days of Gratitude intention, using social media to show daily gratitude via images with the hashtags #30daysgratitudeNYC & #gratitudejournal4Nepal.  In addition, on Sunday May 31st, at 1:30 PM, Alana, who owns the boutique studio Sangha Yoga Shala, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 107 North 3rd Street #3E located off the Bedford stop on the L Train, will be hosting a guided meditation in loving kindness as an offering of love and support for all the victims and their loved ones.

"Amidst extreme sorrow and devastation, material generosity, including the intentional practices of loving kindness, compassion and gratitude, offer immeasurable value towards healing and rebuilding community," Alana says. "We hope you will join us in this call to action and enliven the hearts and lives of all beings everywhere."   

Alana Kessler is a MS, RD, CDN, CYT, Ayurvedic Specialist is the Founder, Owner and Director of Sangha Yoga Shala, a community yoga and wellness boutique located in New York City. Steadfast in her passion for healthy living, Alana obtained a master's degree in clinical nutrition and a bachelor's in nutrition and dietetics from New York University.  Her practice includes a daily commitment to traditional ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, and meditation. Sangha Yoga Shala is a living expression of Alana's deep personal work, as well her unyielding desire to represent the authenticity of yoga through continuous, conscious and compassionate collaboration of the community.

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