Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thrifty Thinking: What Does Mom Want?

In honor of Mother’s Day, the leading digital offers destination and app, RetailMeNot, has launched their Mom Quiz to determine what kind of Mom you are – or what kind of Mom you have! This free quiz is composed of 8 questions to determine Mom’s personality and you can compare results to see if you and Mom on are on the same page in what type of Mom she is.
Try it out – it could give you great insight to help decide what last minute gift to pick up for Mom this Mother’s Day. Be prepared to open your wallet though, as moms who are expecting a gift think their family should spend, on average, $87, according to a recent survey from RetailMeNot. Be sure to check out the RetailMeNot Mother’s Day page and the RetailMeNot app so you get Mom her desired gift without emptying your wallet. 

·         Moms and consumers seem to be on the same page as consumers plan to spend on average $85 on Mother’s Day gifts.
o    They may get more expensive gifts from their sons though as men will typically spend twice as much as women ($98 vs. $73).
o    Maybe it’s their guilt that is opening their wallets as twice as many men than women (16% vs. 8%) have forgotten to wish mom a Happy Mother’s Day.
·         While most consumers are planning to get mom flowers this year (20%), moms really just want someone to do their chores!
o    53% stated they would like someone to cook or clean for the day.
o    As far as material gifts go, 15% would like to receive a gift card, which is fitting as a majority of moms (29%) de-stress by going shopping. Other gifts mom would want to receive this year include a spa day (13%), a day off (12%), or a nice meal (10%).
·         While the majority of moms (58%) are looking for gifts from the heart, they’ll likely to be happy with anything.
o    75% of moms wouldn’t dream of throwing away a Mother’s Day gift
o    54% have never returned a Mother’s Day gift

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