Thursday, May 21, 2015

Consumer Critique: Mabel's Labels Camp Combo

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

Mabel’s Labels are a great product to help your child label belongings for the school year, and they're also perfect for kids going off to camp. With the Limited Edition Camp Combo, they're also helping kids keep in touch with parents while at camp!
Mabel’s Labels 2015 Limited Edition Camp Combo consists of UV resistant water-proof personalized labels perfect for all of the kids’ camp gear, from swimwear to toothbrushes, to identical sleeping bags in cabin A. There are five new summer icons to enjoy: sailboats, goggles, raccoon, chipmunk, and flip-flops. Additionally,  since camp is about connecting with people and nature (and, staying off of those addictive tech gadgets), as an added bonus Mabel’s Labels is introducing a set of five fun postcards as a special gift that kids can use to keep in touch the old fashioned way.

The Limited Edition Camp Combo is $39.95. In that set, you get 10 skinny name stickers, 24 mini name stickers, 8 shoe stickers, 50 clothing stick-on labels, and 2 bag tags (plus the postcards). That's enough to label personal items, tags on clothing (great when there are shared laundry facilities or if warmer clothing is taken off mid-day), shoes to prevent confusion with similar pairs, and more. We've used ours to label our girls' scooters, since they're the same colors as the boys' next door; we've also used it to label the girls' softball gloves so there's no confusion when they grab the gloves to go back on the field.

The labels really stick well. We've never had a problem with them rubbing or wearing off. The shoe stickers are durable and are perfect for boots in the winter too! It's a great value to help protect belongings, any time of year.

Mabel's Labels supports fundraising efforts as well, so if you are looking to raise money for a school or other organization, check them out! Not only are they good for marking belongings, but our girls have enjoyed using them to add to letters and thank-yous, especially when they have a lot to write at once! You could also personalize them with a one-word message (like SMILE or HOPE) to leave little bits of inspiration for others.

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