Thursday, May 21, 2015

Website Spotlight: Your Wellness Room

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

I recently had a chance to try out a subscription to Your Wellness Room. The site offers personalized tips for health, money management, and stress. It provides a community with daily coaching - audio, video, and text-based. The same trainers that provide consulting and training to Jillian Michaels, Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner, and Drew Barrymore are now accessible to everyone. In addition, there are other professional experts and professionals who lend their voice to the program.

It utilizes the Four Pillars of Health – EAT WELL focusing on Food & Nutrition, MOVE WELL focusing on Physical Fitness, SLEEP WELL focusing on Sleep Support, and FEEL WELL focusing on Stress Management, which is where users can work out their money worries by accessing Laura Fredrick’s 30 Days to Money Wellness Program.” 

Within the first 30 Days, Laura helps both women and men build life-enhancing skills by understanding, addressing and moving through their underlying thoughts about money – thoughts that may be triggering illness, causing sleep loss and irritability, as well as weight fluctuations. Money may even be the source of migraines or back pain, and impacting sleep, health, spirit and lifestyle. Along the way, Laura also provides strategies and tips to get money to “work” for your wellness lifestyle.

You can test-drive “30 Days to Money Wellness” RISK FREE for 7 days by first joining Your Wellness Room ® and then taking a Personalized Health & Wellness Profile at During the first 7 days, you will not be billed for use of the platform. You can also sample all other programs as well as the journal, goal-setting and tracking tools. After 7 days, you will be billed for the first three months at a monthly price. Beyond that initial billing, users are billed on a monthly basis. And after the first 90-Day period, they can cancel at anytime  [All inclusive, $14.99/monthly].

LAURA’s Top 20 Reasons Money Wellness Is Good For You
  1. It can define your stature in life.
  2. It can determine your success.
  3. It can be why you need to work and why you work where you do.
  4. It can determine when and if you can retire.
  5. It can set the parameters of what you can give to your loved ones now or in the future.
  6. It can make you reflect on whether you made the right choices in life.
  7. It can govern how much you can borrow.
  8. It can govern how much you will inherit.
  9. It can determine what and how much you can buy.
  10. It can govern what you do in your free time.
  11. It can determine where and how you live.
  12. It can be a factor in your selection of health care coverage.
  13. It can narrow, widen, or obliterate your vacation plans.
  14. It can play a positive or negative role in your relations with friends, colleagues, and business partners.
  15. It can influence other personal relationships.
  16. It can motivate you to be like others or to have similar things and similar lifestyles.
  17. It can govern how much you save.
  18. It can govern how much you can invest.
  19. It can govern how much you need to take out of your savings and investments to live.
  20. It can be a positive motivational factor in your life.
LAURA, as Founder & CEO of THE ASK© Motivational Speaking & Literary Series, teaches everyday, business and philanthropic audiences How to A$K for Money – And More of It.” 
Her four books have become “go to” guides for numerous organizations around the world, as well as used as academic material by the nation’s most prestigious universities. Top Pick available on Amazon: The A$K: How to Ask for Support for Your Nonprofit Cause, Creative Project, or Business Venture. These books are the source material behind THE ASK© and LAURA’s ‘How to ASK’ website at, which features the core curriculum behind all ASKs.
As OPRAH says, “You get in life what you have the courage to ASK for.”

Your Wellness Room ® is brought to you by PROACTIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS, a Utah-based wellness company, and is a unique wellness product that blends technology and rich content for both the direct-to-consumer and corporate marketplaces. Among the notable companies currently using Your Wellness Room® programming are Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, intelliBed, Daily Body Restore, Diet Free Life, and THE ASK© Motivational Series. Partners have the ability to insert messages into the Wellness Portal, which becomes a fresh communications platform to reach their employees, members, customers or subscribers. Partners can also offer products and services to users they bring to the Wellness Portal, which becomes a new and unique distribution channel. Visit Coming soon as an App for iPhone and Android!

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