Friday, June 12, 2015

Website Spotlight: Attendant for Grieving Families

Attendant provides an innovative solution for grieving families to shut down or modify services, subscriptions and utilities after a loved one’s death. From social security to social media, Attendant takes care of the time-consuming tasks that accompany a loss, enabling families to spend more time with one another during an already difficult time in their lives.

When a loved one passes away, the tasks that need to be done and fine print that needs to be read is almost never clear. The experts at Attendant understand what needs to be dealt with and save families up to thousands of dollars along with hours of time -- the average family saves 35 hours of work by using Attendant.

With their concierge service, after a free consultation and exchange of information, a dedicated concierge conducts all account modifications on the family's behalf.

“Dealing with the loss of a loved one is challenging to say the least,” commented Attendant CEO, Alex Kruger. “Our sensitive solution fills a real need for grieving families that eliminates an added stress during an emotionally trying time.” For more information about Attendant, please visit

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