Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Consumer Critique: Stand Your Ground

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"Stand your ground" laws afford people legal protection in the case of self-defense. However, they can also lead to controversy - when is killing not a murder? Jackie Carpenter's family was thrown into this question years ago when her son was accused of murder, and is the subject of the movie based on her experiences, Stand Your Ground.

The movie is based on Jackie's original writings about the experience, The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 and Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith. A novelization is also in the works. The movie looks at the events that occurred, as well as Jackie's struggle with faith through the whole experience. I had a chance to interview her to learn more.

Why did you originally write a book about your experiences?
I never thought I would write a book.  I never wanted to write a book, but after my sons trial God started dictating, and I started typing and the next thing I knew there was a book out there titled ""The Bridge, one year later, He surprised me again with the 2nd Book "Georgia Justice"...GOD IS FULL OF SURPRISES!
What was it like turning the story into a movie?
At times it was great, at times it hurt beyond measure to relive the nightmare over again, but now that it has released and I continue to watch it, I see God's Handyworki all over it, and I am just honored that He used me as a vehicle to get His Message to the World!
How did you eventually come through this with a stronger faith?
I knew that if it didn't kill me it would make me stronger.  When my doctor called me six months into this tragedy and told me to go straight to the hospital I was a dead woman, and I was, that's the place God had to get me, away from the computer, out of the lawbooks, and He spoke and said I was searching the wrong books trying to find an answer to clear my son.  It was then He led me into the Hospital of Psalms and I started Claiming a Miracle through Psalm 91, and today Psalm 91 is my EVERYTHING!
What advice do you have for people who are facing situations that
they don't know how they'll overcome?
Move their life into the Hospital of Psalms just like I did.  Every answer to every situation can be handled through Psalm 91...Man can only do so much and then it takes GOD to perform a Miracle.  PSALM 91 - where MIRACLES reside!

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