Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fun Freetime: Cheeky Chimp City

‘The Great London Banana Mystery’ is the newest volume in the ‘Cheeky Chimp City’ series. A gripping story and stunning illustrations come together in an adventure that invites young readers to travel the length and breadth of London – figuring out who keeps stealing all of the bananas.

‘The Great London Banana Mystery’ is available now:
For more information and resources, check out the series’ official website:
About the Author:
This is Lynda Barrett's first children's book and her main objective was to reflect the fun and cheekiness of the real monkey world. In this book Lynda captured the magic of the wonderful characters and fantastic story line. The illustrations are beautiful and capture the fun and frolics of the cheeky chimp city gang. Each of the cheeky chimp character are funny and clever but are they smart enough to out wit Professor Grumpy Gorilla the mastermind behind the Great London Banana Mystery?

Lynda is now focusing on the second installment of this wonderful series Professor Grumpy Gorilla in Paris looking to steal more than all the French bananas!

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