Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mealtime Magic: Homemade Frozen Fruit Bars

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

I had a chance to try out Lite&Sweet from Xlear in these homemade frozen fruit bars. They're really easy, and making them with Lite&Sweet was just as tasty as with sugar.

Crush about 2 cups of fruit, add about a tablespoon of Xlear (to taste) and a tablespoon of lemon juice (also to taste). Then freeze in popsicle molds. If your kids like a perfectly smooth popsicle, use a blender, but mine have fun with the chunks of fruit.

Lite&Sweet is a natural sweetener that contains zero grams net carbs and only 3 calories per teaspoon, all with the same sweet taste of sugar. Plus, xylitol has been shown to be beneficial to oral and upper respiratory health! It contains no additives, flow-agents or fillers and can be added in practically any recipe without the aftertaste other options often have.

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