Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweepstakes: Road to Happiness

Women admit to being the speedier drivers on the road; dining out is very stressful when on vacation (decisions, decisions); and men (maybe this is not a surprise) are more likely to bring household help.

These and other surprising findings were revealed in a Wyndham Vacation Rentals survey just in time for National Vacation Rental Month in July. The study turns upside down several expected vacation assumptions. It found that:
  • Vacation rentals are more relaxing than other lodgings. Despite the staff and services available at most hotels and resorts, 92% of those surveyed consider vacation rental stays less stressful due to cost savings, peace of mind and flexibility.
  • Kitchens make all the difference. Rather than putting pressure on a rental traveler to cook – which can seem tedious while on a vacation – having a kitchen actually reduces stress, say 94% of respondents. 74% of those point to saving money as the reason. On average, rental vacationers report saving $742 during a week-long stay.
  • Dining out can be stressful, too. Although eating out reduces the need to cook – considered by many a big vacation benefit – of the 94% who value a kitchen, 60% feel that not having to get ready to go to a restaurant provides a more enjoyable vacation. Who knew getting dressed for dinner could be so tiresome?
The results also found the following counter-intuitive differences:
  • Road-trippers are willing to drive far. Nearly 90% of those who plan to hit the road this summer will spend an unexpected average of 12.3 hours driving to their vacation destination. The long summer road trip is alive and well.
  • Women are the more aggressive drivers. They’re more likely to describe their driving style as “pedal to the metal” (49% vs. 41%), while men are more willing to take the “long and leisurely” route (29% vs. 21%).
  • Men are more likely to bring household help. Most surprising of all, men are more eager to bring a housekeeper or babysitter on vacation than women, even though women typically do more of the housework. (17% vs. 13% are very likely to take along the babysitter).
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