Friday, July 10, 2015

Thrifty Thinking: Giving Your Kids an Abundance Mindset

You’d like your kids to be smart about money.  But wouldn’t you also like to help pave their way to an abundant and satisfying financial life in the future?
If so, there’s a lot more to it than teaching them to budget and spend wisely, says Julie Ann Cairns, author of The Abundance Code: Busting The Seven Money Myths for a Rich Life Now (Hay House, September 2015).
In fact, in some cases the count-your-pennies approach may even sabotage this possibility by passing on fears that “there’s never enough” or “money can easily slip away” and creating beliefs that limit what kids strive for and attain.
Deeply-rooted beliefs about money tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies, says Julie Ann. So one of the best tools you can give kids is a mindset that’s receptive to opportunities for creating abundance.
She offers 4 simple tips for achieving this:   
  • Try not to make the concepts of lack and scarcity dictate money conversations with your kids.  When these topics do come up, keep them in perspective by balancing them with stories of hope and progress.
  • Talk together about technological innovations and how they can help increase abundance and well-being throughout the world. Magazines like Discover and Scientific American are rich with examples.
  • Brainstorm about creative ways to make out-of-reach or wish-list budget items accessible rather than saying, “No, we could never afford it.”
  • Encourage kids to be generous by sharing and giving, emphasizing that what goes around comes around and that participating generously in our interconnected ecosystem helps make it -- and our own lives -- much better.
Above all, be mindful of how certain language such as “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “time is money,” and “money is the root of all evil” can instill fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs that your children will internalize.  This will shape their expectations and behavior in ways that could potentially undermine their prospects for financial success.

About The Abundance Code (Hay House, September 2015)
Are you frustrated in your efforts to succeed and create abundance in your life? Are you exasperated even though you may have set goals for yourself, gained knowledge, and worked hard? Are your financial dreams just not working out the way you’d like them to, or as fast as you’d like them to? Are you wondering what is standing in your way, preventing you from accessing the life of freedom you’ve been dreaming about?  The Abundance Code is here to provide the answer you’ve been searching for.
There is a hidden yet crucial element to success and abundance that most people are unaware of—because that essential element is buried in their unconscious minds. The Abundance Code (Hay House Publishing, September 2015) is about how you can (and must!) rewrite your subconscious programming so that you can effortlessly achieve the rich life of abundance you deserve.
Julie Ann Cairns takes you through the “7 Money Myths”—an extremely common set of subconscious barriers put up between you and your attainment of abundant wealth and freedom—and helps you overcome them, so that your subconscious “code” can come into alignment with your conscious goals for financial freedom. If your underlying programming does not support your goals—and it probably doesn’t—then The Abundance Code will provide the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, showing you how to get out of your own way and finally access the life of financial freedom and luxury of choice you have always wanted.

About Julie Ann Cairns
Julie Ann Cairns’ life mission is to empower people to live an abundant life free from false beliefs.  In this spirit, she wrote The Abundance Code: How to Bust The 7 Money Myths For A Rich Life Now (Hay House, September 2015), and has spearheaded The Abundance Code Documentary (November 2015) to help people everywhere make a shift to the abundance mindset and seek joint solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our planet.
Trained as an economist and statistician, Julie Ann began her career in Japan, where she received a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education (Monbusho) and co-founded and ran an English school.  She then worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, Macquarie Bank (also in Australia) and in 2001 co-founded Trading Pursuits Group, a financial markets education company, where she is managing director.  She also serves as a director of the Amma Australia Foundation.
In addition to The Abundance Code, Julie Ann is co-author of the book Taming the Beasts – Secrets to Profit in Volatile Bull and Bear Markets.  She lives in Sydney.

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