Tuesday, August 18, 2015

6 Creative Updates For Your Kitchen

Whether you have recently purchased an older home or you just want a fresh new look, the kitchen is a great place to start making updates.  It is going to be a lot of work, but the reward is that you will have an end product that you can truly be proud of calling your own creation.  If you are not certain where to get started, then here are six creative update ideas to get you going.

New Cabinets

Older wooden cabinets in the kitchen will start to look like they have been through the ringer after many years of use.  The wood may be cracked, pitted or have become discolored over time.  Cabinets over a stove will even exhibit grease-splattered spots in the finish.  Replacing your kitchen cabinets with a set of modern looking wooden cabinets will add new life to the look and feel of your kitchen.  Whether you want plain doors or doors with designs on them will depend on your personal preference and style.

Replacing Appliances

The next step in updating your kitchen is to replace your old appliances with modern smart appliances.  Smart appliances are generally more energy efficient and will be accessible through remote online access.  Many of these newer smart appliances will allow you to run apps for all sorts of kitchen-related activities.  Plus, new appliances really make a kitchen a fun place to cook and eat for the whole family.

Rethinking the Pantry

Another cool idea for your kitchen is to replace the wooden track doors that enclose your pantry with sliding glass doors.  After purchasing your sliding door hardware, replacing the old doors with sliding glass doors will give you more clear insight into what food is being stored in your pantry.  It will also provide you with visual access if a critter gets into your kitchen and tries to hide out in your pantry.  This way you will not be surprised when you open the doors.

New Counter Tops

Does your kitchen still have the same counter tops it had back in the 1970's?  If so, then it may be time to start thinking about resurfacing your counters with something a little more interesting.  Granite counter tops are still a great option for a modern kitchen.  They are also safer than other counter tops being that they will not easily catch fire like other materials.  Additionally, they make for a solid workspace when cooking a large meal for your family.  This is especially important during holidays when you plan on having a large dinner for many guests.

Installing New Doors

If your home is located outside of the city, you might think about replacing your kitchen doors with a
barn door.  This will give the exterior of your kitchen a farm-based theme to it.  You may have to rework the framing for the entry way and remove some of the wall to make way for the larger barn door structure, but it will accommodate a more open kitchen look that will work especially well in the summer months.  In addition, this will make for an interesting conversation piece with guests.

Wooden Plank Floors

One great way to get a more rustic appearance out of your kitchen is to install wooden plank floors.  Wooden plank floors will provide an alternative to hard tile and give your kitchen a more natural decorative flow.  Complementing the wooden floor with a large family sized dinner table and tall backed chairs will make your kitchen feel more like home at dinnertime.  With these updates in mind, your kitchen should start to look like a wonderful new place to enjoy meals with your whole family.

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