Friday, September 11, 2015

Amazing Apps: Zeel Massage On Demand

Zeel Massage On Demand sounds like a great app for busy parents to have. They've provided some helpful information on other apps that you might fine useful as well. 
  1. Apps/Sites to help you get some "me time" when there is next to no time available – with Zeel, you don't need to schedule in advance, and can order a massage on a whim after the kids go to bed. They will come to you as late as 10:30pm! There is also Stylisted for at-home hair and makeup, Physique 57 has a video on demand series so you don’t have to leave home to work out, Instacart brings your groceries to you within two hours, and there are many other options out there to help parents squeeze in a bit more me time.
  2. Best subscriptions for working parents  - Zeelot is Zeel’s membership program where members get a monthly massage at a discount – AND their own massage table. Other great subscription opps for parents include Blue Apron to have fresh ingredients delivered to your door and make dinner easy, and Citrus Lane, which offers monthly boxes of parent-approved toys and products for newborns, etc.
  3. Date night ideas that don't require a babysitter or planning months in advance – have a chef make your gourmet dinner at home for you with KitchIt, then book a late night couples massage with Zeel after the kids fall asleep.
I also had a chance to interview founder Samer Hamadeh about squeezing in me time.

How do you sneak in me time?
I do my best to save a few hours where I can to free up time for myself. On-demand services are very helpful – for example, instead of going to the doctor for my flu shot, I use Pager, the on-demand doctor service. Instead of going out to eat, I order in using I also use my calendar extensively – when I schedule personal time, it’s just as important as a business meeting.

How can one partner be supportive of his or her partner's needs for me time, while still protecting their own?
The key is in the word partner. Partners work together to make sure all needs are met. My wife and I work together to make sure we have time alone when we need it. For example, if she’s getting a Zeel Massage in our home, I’ll make sure to take the kids out so she can relax completely.

Why Zeel? 
I found as I got older that I wasn’t bouncing back as quickly as I liked from aches and pains. I turned to various therapies that had been historically considered alternative health or wellness: acupuncture, yoga, massage. I decided my next startup would focus on wellness and healing, and founded Zeel. We made Massage On Demand® a reality in 2012.

Zeel delivers massage every day of the year, for start times as early as 8 am and as late as 10:30 pm. You can book in as little as an hour from now or up to a month in advance – whatever works for your schedule. You can also select your favorite massage technique (Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, or prenatal massage), therapist gender preference, massage length, and location. If you want to share Zeel, we also offer couples massages and back-to-back massages.
Today, Zeel is proud to be home to the largest and finest network of on-demand massage therapists anywhere – and with this deep a bench, you’re sure to get a great, healing massage at the time and place you want.
The kids are finally asleep and you could use a little pampering STAT. In comes Zeel - a revolutionary Smartphone app that lets you book same-day, in-home massages with licensed and vetted therapists, who will come to you in as little as an hour! With Zeel, parents can enjoy a massage in the comfort, convenience, safety, and privacy of the place and time of their choosing, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with start times as early as 8 am and as late as 10:30 pm. They bring the table to you – and they promise to be quiet and not wake the little ones!
For moms-to-be, Zeel offers a pre-natal massage to help ease backaches and other pregnancy pains, all without the hassle of commuting to the spa.
Booking, scheduling, and payment is made easy with the Zeel app or at Zeel.comServices are currently available in New York City, Long Island/ Hamptons, NJ/Jersey Shore, Miami/Palm Beach, Los Angeles/San Diego/SoCal & San Francisco Bay areas, among others.

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