Friday, September 11, 2015

How music therapy will help to change your life (guest post)

 Do you ever get the opportunity to see the soul or life in music? Music is immensely powerful. It changes our mood. No education and no reading are required to enjoy the flow of music. Everything in the universe is musical. Natural gifts like wind, tides, rain etc came towards us with music.

Let us check out the possibilities of music. How medical sciences make use of this wonderful creativity? Medical science identified the effect of music and its ability to change the heart beats of a suffering patient.  Sometimes the impact of music is unimaginable. It is the best medicine to heal the wounds made by the worse situations in life. The life of music lies in its most striking lyrics and its great composition. Music therapy is a most popular method which uses the positive sides of music.

Music therapy is an antidote for behavioural and emotional disorders. Technically speaking, music therapy can improve mental health using special types of musical instruments. It can be any type of music. The choice of music is based on the taste of the patient. This treatment is performed under the guidance of a professional who has completed an approved music therapy course or program. Music influences mental, social, physical, spiritual and aesthetic sense of a person.

Word, sound and movement – these three factors have equal importance in this treatment. Music slowly rules the patient’s mind and the rest is completely under control of musical notes. Music bring forth ones inner urge to survive the difficulties and it enlightens the desire to achieve strength. It erases the negative thoughts like why this life or for what we invest large amount of money to treat this incurable disease etc. The motive is to make him free from suffering. This is exactly the idea or concept behind music therapy.

A therapist focuses on the minute changes in the rhythm of music. An assessment test is the main part of music therapy. The music therapy plans are developed on the basis of the assessment test. Different steps are involved in the assessment test.

·       Interact with the patient to understand what he likes or dislikes.

·       Observation – it can be structured or unstructured.

·       Go through the life history of the client.

These results help to determine what type of music is most effective or which music can be applied here. Studies show that the music is the most effective medicine to win the hard times in life. Music allows you to take nothing throughout the journey except the blossoms of expectation or hope. It awakens our curiosity. It enhances the courage to beat what makes us to give up.  The impact of music therapy is amazing and it influences the thinking capacity of a person. The objective is to protect those who put into the prison of sorrows. This treatment is a type of self improvement session. It makes the clients to understand his strength. Learn to ignore the things which make us unhappy. Never let the pain to shake the dust of your feet.

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